Privacy Policy:

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Refund / Cancellation Policy:

Regarding set up of services there is normally a minimum 50-70% upfront costs for design, css data and optimisation services. This unlike the license fee is non refundable once paid, however is paid after the client is happy with the licence and has paid and completed the trial (Letter Of Intent) of shopping cart elite – more on this license & Letter of Intent pertaining to the trail of ShoppingCartElite see below:

Letter Of Intent

I understand that I am signing up for trial duration of 7 day(s). During the trial I will be able access my website from a temporary web address. I will NOT be billed for any services and this agreement can be modified or cancelled at ANY TIME during the trial period. After 7 days, I will either ask Shopping Cart Elite to extend the trial for another 7 days, or I will authorize Shopping Cart Elite to proceed via Skype. If I do not extend the trial or I do not authorize Shopping Cart Elite to proceed within 14 days of this agreement then this agreement will be canceled, voided and I will not be charged.
Payment Terms

Setuno invoicing for Services begins on the first day that the General website or service modifications are available for use by Subscriber and monthly thereafter. Monthly Committed Fees are invoiced monthly in advance throughout the term of this order. Committed Storage and Bandwidth that are not utilized by Subscriber during the month for which they were committed may not be carried forward into the next month. Additional Service(s) and any other Per Use Fees accrued are invoiced monthly in arrears for actual use. Payment for Service is due net thirty (30) days from the date of Setuno’s invoice.

Prepayment Terms
The Subscriber agrees to prepay for the committed fees at the beginning of the Initial Term and each Renewal Term. All services and per-use charges on Subscriber’s account will be applied toward this prepayment amount. Insufficient prepayment funds do not relieve Subscriber of any payment obligations arising under the terms and conditions of any Setuno service agreement and/or Order Form, entered into either prior or subsequent to execution of this prepayment amendment. All payments received will be applied to the outstanding balances on any previous invoice and any remaining payment amount, if any, will be applied to the current invoice amount. In the event of an inadequate amount of prepayment funds, Services may be denied until payment is received and applied against any outstanding balance and purchases. Setuno may apply amounts due from any Subscriber account to prepayment funds. Setuno Inc. may charge additional fees for changes made by the subscriber to orders after the Service Agreement is signed, but before you begin to use the Service. Any additional services that you may subscribe to will be bound to this service agreement.

Renewal and Termination
For ongoing Services, the term specified on the applicable Service Agreement shall commence on the date of the creation of the user license. Any add-on services, moves, adds and or changes to the original Service Agreement will be coterminous with the original term specified on the applicable Service Agreement.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Agreement shall become effective on the date it is accepted by Setuno Inc. and shall remain in effect for successive one-month period until the end of the Term set forth in the Service Agreement for each of the Services.

Where a term length shorter than one (1) month or no mutually executed Agreement exists, the Customer will remain on a month-to-month term length with no contractual obligations for sixty (60) days. At the conclusion of this sixty (60) day month-to-month period, Customer’s term length will automatically be set to one (1) year. Where a term longer than one month has been specified, and except as set forth in the Service agreement or Schedules here to, the initial Term will automatically renew for successive one (1) year periods, unless subscriber notifies Setuno Inc. of your desire not to renew at least ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the then-current Term.

In the event of any disconnection by Setuno Inc. for non-payment by subscriber or if subscriber terminates early, except in response to a material breach of this Service Agreement by Setuno Inc. (before which subscriber shall be given written notice and 30 days to cure), subscriber will be obligated to pay the Early Termination Fee, which shall be calculated as the sum of (a) 3 multiplied by the agreed-upon monthly recurring fees for fixed recurring charges, and (b) 3 multiplied by the average monthly usage charges over the two most recent 30-day billing periods or minimum revenue commitment associated with the Service, whichever is greater, for usage-based charges.

Any termination of Service or of this Agreement will result in all data, license files, graphic, domain(s) assigned to the subscriber by Setuno Inc. reverting back to Setuno Inc. In addition, all Setuno Inc. property (including but not limited to Setuno Inc. equipment, facilities, and software) shall be returned to Setuno Inc. within 30 days. Setuno Inc. reserves the right to terminate this Agreement (or restrict or suspend Service) in the event the subscriber violates this Agreement.

Any requests to cancel a service must be sent to Setuno Inc. pursuant to Notice paragraph with a 30 days written notice. Billing for said disconnected service shall bill for 30 days from the date written notice is received. If the service agreement is cancelled prior to the completion of the prepayment term, all fees will be re-calculated on a per month rate basis without any discounts that may have been applied on the prepayment term.

Any notice to be given here under by subscriber to Setuno Inc. shall be in writing and effected by a nationally recognized private overnight courier and shall be addressed to Setuno Inc. at the following address: 28 Van Street, Staten Island, NY 10310, with a copy to subscriber’s Setuno Inc. Account Representative; and/or via email to Notices to subscriber shall be sent to either subscriber’s e-mail address or to the company address supplied in this service agreement.

Subscriber Information
Setuno’s creation of a website for Subscriber to access the Setuno Services shall constitute Setuno’s acceptance of Subscriber’s duly authorized offer to purchase Setuno Services in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions. If Subscriber has a signed Services Agreement with Setuno, such agreement will govern Subscriber’s use of Setuno Services ordered from the service agreement that the subscriber signed.