The biggest challenge for any advertiser is to solicit an action – this one of the secret keys to being successful online. Here is where many marketers and dare I say agencies, simply drop the ball when, as few know what an offer is, how to construct one, let alone build a funnel effectively.


However, with years of copy writing and studying of Dr Cialdini’s principles of Influence in action with clients and partners, we have the craft, science and art of constructing an offer and reducing customer fear and building trust to purchase down to a tea.

Together with the best technology to facilitate risk reversals, whilst encouraging merchants to have iron clad guarantees and to communicate the uppermost value to build relationships with their prospects & customers, we are able, along with compelling and emotive rationale – to produce world beating offers and cross platform marketing funnels, all translating to higher conversions, better profitability and in turn higher payouts to the affiliates – all together the more lucrative for all.

We are now able to engage and acquire customers socially and build an intelligent funnels, whilst simultaneously gathering Facebook profile data for instant segmentation (from their API – 14 patent pending), and hence able to market to their specific gender, age and geographic location automatically- something a which is a huge challenge for any marketer – all with incredibly super high inbox deliverability.

By providing care and beneficial expertise in your area of speciality, we encourage you, the merchants to become the maven in your respective field, that way they can command their market and charge a premium for doing so. We can provide support, world-class video production, editing and authorship support with Google Circles and SEO authority hubs.

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