I have been working with leading international manufactures and advertisers for over 8 years now and have been resolving the complex issues such as geo-targeting and segmenting within a global database of customers and prospects, for appropriate messaging. This consultancy believes in a focus on deriving the LTV (life time value) per channel/source metric to maintain optimum ROI and highest payouts to attract the best affiliates, so everyone makes money. We work with proprietary marketing CRM to help realise these and other key metrics.


Consequently geo-redirects and Programmatic Media Buying with RTB based on IP addresses using other first and third party historical purchase data are some one of services we offer for our clients to optimise your spend for maximising profits to scale out with.

The performance media partners we work with, are now simply some of the most talented advertisers on the planet, and are truly driving the entire performance industry forward. Leads Con, Affiliate Summit and the Ad-Tech community all work and live by performance, where we maintain flexibility on terms and rates to get comfortable and typically work with Impact Radius performance tracking. We minimise fraud by starting cautiously and scaling only with trusted id’s. We also have transparency and optimise for real time ROI activity in the short-medium term (knowing we can up sell and cross sell to the customer once acquired, which helps build out trust – still the most valuable commodity in business!

Not only do we know the best tools for merchants and affiliates, we also are fully aware of the best network technologies. We work with predominantly with Impact Radius as an advertiser, as this helps streamline many of the processes.

One of the hot techniques at the moment, which really is underutilised and misunderstood is display retargeting, here means the relationship building with the prospect can be done all over the web, where the merchant can pay for the users ( IP address), where relationships between the adnetworks with the server technology – means that the ad will follow the user and can change depending on what they have seen, clicked or whatever action is deemed. We feel retargeting can act like a marketing funnel.

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