We treat your advertising spend the same ways we’ve treated our own historical affiliate ad spend – as though it’s our money! So making the returns and scrutinising each parameter, each variable is the only way to go.


One of the biggest lessons that any business owner can learn is their revelation on the exact look, demographic and challenges of their target customer. Through analysing current customer profiles matches, we place proprietary filters to be set on all future media purchases, especially when it comes to direct mail, saving thousands of wasted data and making more profitable lists acquisitions. New vision can task the auditing and filtering as well as recommending lead sources and advice for lists purchasing. We know the pitfalls and the tricks the lead brokers play.

Within banner advertising, we are looking to continually increase Click Through Rates (CTR) both on banners and pre-sell pages, but also help the merchant have the very best proposition on the market place in terms of risk reversals, designs and full offer proposition. We have Europe’s most profitable affiliate ad agency that do this day in day out and are continually building out on what’s working.

We follow, mastermind and are friends with the top global thought leaders, performance marketers and elite developers, both in the Internet Marketing space but also from the major US and European CPA networks, where we often know their media buying strategies, their traffic sources, their adservers, campaigns, their offers and know where the money is being made and for whom.

Before any spending is done, all metrics need to be analysed along with current media to see where things are going wrong. We have media buying partners who can drive traffic to any hand held device, regular web computers to bring vast leads, sales, calls and installs globally.

Many agencies try and sell the product or the brand within the banners for instance, which is missing the point and why most of those campaigns do not return investment, it’s all about compelling sometimes distressing call to action.

We are always looking to solicit unique and compelling call to actions at all stages in the funnel especially in the creative and scale traffic and demographics which work based on the latest, sometimes off market research tools.

We also work with the trusted & proven community android and iphone developer in the world and can help you monetize your particular business model in the mobile and social media universe – contact us if you have something you want to discuss we can arrange NDAs to ensure confidentiality to get building out your wireframes and definition of each page function.


New Vision Agency offers a unique pay per click (PPC) service. We use all the latest tools and platforms to assist you with bidding and managing your campaigns. What makes us even better is that we work hands-on with you to provide the best service possible, and ensure you get the most for every dollar spent. We provide frequent, custom reports that are easy to read and give you all the information you need to improve your campaigns. We will set up regular status meetings with you to gather your feedback and allow you to get one-on-one help from our team. Our PPC marketing experts are here to help you succeed, no matter your budget.
Below are some of our specific services, but we can also provide customized solutions and services to meet your needs!

PPC Strategy

Paid search marketing should be your most efficient and profitable marketing channel. New Vision Agency can position your products or services in just the right places, where your future customers are looking. We will customize your PPC program to maximize your conversion goals and cost efficiency. Our experts are here to develop or refine your company’s PPC strategy. We pride ourselves on our expertise in search engine campaign structure, bid optimization, ad copy writing, multivariate ad copy, landing page testing, competitive insights, forecasting, and more! The proof of our success is in our client’s bottom line.

PPC Audits

Do you have an existing PPC program, but are concerned that it isn’t bringing as many leads as you want? Let our team perform a full audit on your existing accounts and provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations so that you can improve your results right away. You will get an in-depth review of your ad copy, targeting, negatives, bids, and tracking. Our PPC audit service is available in the initial stage of our account management service, or as a stand-alone service.

Click-to-Call (CTC)

When people are searching for goods and services on their mobile devices, it is easier for them to contact you when your ads provide a clickable phone number. Getting a customer on the phone and straight to your sales department can seal the deal faster than website directed ads, where customers will peruse your site at their own speed. We will provide you with the click-to-call ads you need to get your customers buying today.

Comparison Shopping Engines

We will get you listed on the major comparison shopping engines including: Google Product Search, bing shopping, Yahoo!, shopping.com, price grabber, shopzilla, nextag, FindGift, Become, and pronto! Already have a feed with one of the shopping engines? We can take your existing feed and customize it to meet the requirements of every engine, getting your products seen by potential customers, no matter what search engine they use. If you don’t have a feed yet, we will walk you through the process to set up a data feed that can be used across all shopping engines. We stay up-to-date with all the latest requirements and formats for each search engine, so you don’t have to worry. Once you submit your product feeds to us, we will optimize the feeds using techniques like category and SKU level optimization. We will continue to update your feeds, to ensure your products are displaying the most up to date information.


Contextual Marketing

There is a wide world of marketing possibilities outside of Google’s search network. Contextual Advertising allows you to display your ads to target audiences based on the content of the webpage. Does your company specialize in dog toys? With contextual marketing your ad will show up on popular dog websites, bringing your target market to you. You could choose to target the whole network, or use keywords or themes to target niche websites.

Gmail Targeting

We can get your ads right inside your potential customer’s Gmail accounts. We use our contextual marketing technology to match your ads with relevant content inside emails. When someone opens up their bill from your competitor, they could be seeing your ad displayed, creating an excellent opportunity for conversion.

Search Retargeting

Find new customers that are already searching for your services but who haven’t landed on your website before. Our search retargeting service allows you to show your advertisements to people that have recently searched for your competitors in a search engine. Your ads could even show up on your competitor’s page.

Search Syndication

Spread your reach outside of the major search engines. Our search syndication program allows you to buy keyword targeted traffic outside of search engine results pages. This includes toolbar searches, parked domains, commonly misspelled domains and any other website with search advertising. New Vision Agency works for you and with you, to ensure you get the highest quality of traffic.


Display Advertising Services

Here at New Vision Agency we believe that the creative side of marketing is just as important as the technology that allows us to implement our ideas. We stay up-to-date with the newest technology and targeting capabilities, while also being able to provide you with the best branding for your products and services.

Our team is directly involved with the creative side of your marketing campaign. We can help you with your call to action on banners, videos, or your landing page. We also focus on color, placement and brand strategy to help get you the results you want. We also provide the programs necessary to run, track and enhance your online advertisements. Meanwhile, our experts will align your display media needs with other initiatives such as paid search and social media.

We love a good challenge. We know that the advertising landscape is always changing, and what holds true today may not hold true tomorrow. That is why we are always thinking of what’s coming next, to help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Affiliate Marketing

Building an affiliate network for your company is part of our multi-faceted strategy. We will help you find affiliates that match your specific industry and make suggestions for expanding your network that you have never considered before. We like to think outside of the box, to help you find the widest range of affiliates to meet your needs.

Content Creation and Distribution

Displaying your advertisements right in the content that your potential clients are already reading can be a great way to get their attention. We can help find relevant partnerships for advertorial placement within online publications, newsletters, or distribution channels.

Desktop Display Media

Banner ads are a tried and true method of achieving online conversions and awareness. Some people may claim that they don’t pay attention to banner ads but we have had great success with them. This method is high-reach and cost-efficient. Our banner ad campaigns are branding focused and achieve a high conversion rate.


Lead Generation

We focus on generating not only a high volume but also the highest quality of leads. Our system uses proven lead generation and co-registration platforms, tactics, and creative practices to get the best leads for you. Our reporting and analysis can track redemption rates, in-store traffic, or acquisition/close data to ensure the best sources of leads are found and focused on.

Mobile /Tablet Marketing

Mobile and tablet advertising is still a new frontier of marketing. Our team has focused on studying this new territory and has successfully implemented campaigns across Android, iOS, and tablet applications. We can help you drive phone calls, app downloads, or conversions on your mobile website.

Mobile Landing Pages

For your clients on the go, a wireless application protocol (WAP) site can give your users the best experience. We can create the mobile landing page for your website, giving you a higher mobile conversion rate. More people view display media (banner ads) on their mobile devices than on PCs. We will create mobile focused display media that will help drive more users to your mobile landing page.

Mobile Video

Video completion rates are the highest on mobile devices and mobile users tend to be more engaged. We can help you can take advantage of this by extending your video advertising to the mobile platform.

Rich Media & Dynamic Ads

Our expert team has extensive experience in designing, planning, and buying rich media and dynamic advertising campaigns. We love getting creative and creating eye grabbing, high-impact ads to meet your objectives.We can also use your customized product feed to dynamically populate your banner ads based on the user’s past browsing activity.

Web Video

We work with many different online video networks and exchanges to give you a full range of options for your web video advertising. We can get your ads placed pre-video-roll, in-stream, and in-banner. Our team will measure video and pre-roll completion rates, along with other engagement metrics to ensure your video reaches your future clients at the right place, with the right price for you, and with the desired actions.


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