Segmentation – Create and define customer profiles based on segments generated from customer behaviour and statistics. Integrate data collected from emails, surveys, landing page and Web analytics to enhance the customer profile, so you know everything you need to know to craft tightly targeted, relevant communications.

Management – A key ingredient to a successful email campaign is delivering relevant content to an interested customer. Our Enterprise solution makes this possible by giving you the power to build highly personalised, relevant email campaigns that deliver the right content to the right customer at precisely the right time. Our advanced technology platform allows you to leverage past customer behaviour to determine the right message and the right time to deliver, ensuring engagement and leading to tangible results.

Relevance – Enterprise’s unique technology allows you to create specific content for your messaging that cuts through the clutter and leads to better customer engagement. A challenge that email marketers face is the multitude of email clients and devices that people use to access email. We overcome this obstacle by testing your email on a variety of clients and devices, including smartphones and tablets, ensuring that every delivered email displays properly to maximise your message’s impact.

Reporting and Analytics − Managing a marketing campaign without analytics would be like shooting arrows in the dark. NVC Enterprise solution offers you comprehensive and easy-touse reporting and analytical tools that enable you to quickly quantify customer behaviour and activities and identify what factors have the most impact. With this knowledge, you can make adjustments to your email marketing campaign to enhance effectiveness and drive results.

Deliverability – The main challenge for email marketers is deliverability − no matter how well -crafted the message is, it doesn’t matter if the message doesn’t get delivered. With constant changes in technology, hitting the right audience at the right time is all that much more difficult. We help you overcome all these challenges by providing you with industry leading deliverability tools. You now don’t need to worry about whether your messages will reach the inbox and you can focus your time and energy on crafting meaningful and relevant communications.

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